Department of management, business and tourism

О кафедре

Head of the department – Doctor of Economics, Professor
Arzik Suvaryan
The department was established in 2013. by reorganizating the Departments of Management and the Tourism industry.
The main directions of the department’s scientific activity are the following: modern problems of strategic and corporate governance, development of public administration systems based on a comprehensive assessment of the current political and economic processes, development of a training system for young scientists, development of the scientific research and business contacts.

The department provides fundamental, methodical and applied scientific researches, that are considered to be an integral part of the process of training the specialists; it organizes scientific seminars, develops the theme of scientific researches. At the department constantly function the following scientific seminars: "Modern Problems of strategic and corporate governance" and "Problems of development of public administration." Particular attention is paid to the involvement of undergraduate and graduate students in scientific work on theoretical and practical issues and also their active participation in the Student Scientific Society RAD activities.

After graduation the training course of "tourism", the students acquire such professional competence in the field of tourism activities, as design, production and technologies, organization, management, service and research. That enables them to work effectively in the future in different areas of the tourism industry. The main directions of the department scientific researches are the following: the organizational and technological problems of service and tourism; hotels and restaurants; competitiveness and sustainable tourism destination; creation, advertising and promotion of tourist products and competing the brand of Armenia in the international tourist market; development of tourism infrastructures; insurance activities, etc.

The department cooperates with higher education institutions of Armenia and Russia. It also participates in international scientific conferences. Much attention is paid to the involvement of scientific and methodological work of students. The department is also developing cooperation with leading travel organizations, the hotel-restaurant organizations and other organizations of tourism industry, in which students are getting some academical, industrial and pre graduating practical skills. With the same purpose, to improve the students’ practical skills while developing creativity and awareness of the social importance of their future profession, in the period of study there are also held additional activities, such as the organization of tours of different orientations and organization of activities aimed at the preservation of cultural and historical monuments and sustainable development of tourism.