Arman Avetyan

PhD In Economics, Senior Lecturer


Brief information (biography)

Born in 1995 in Yerevan, in 2003-2010. Studied at secondary school No. 177. After graduating from high school No. 170, in 2013 he entered the Russian-Armenian University, Institute of Economics and Business, direction “Management”. In 2019 received a master's degree in Strategic Management.
From 2019 to the present, studies at the graduate school of the Russian-Armenian University as an applicant in the specialty "Economics and Management of the National Economy (by industry and field)."
In the period from June 201 6 till December 201 9  worked in the company "Nor Zovq" (position – chief operator), " Dufry Armenia " (post - storekeeper), "AVA TRADING" (position - Deputy Director General) and held training practices and internships at the City Hall of Yerevan.
From February 201, 9 to February 2020 worked in the Erebuni condominium as a manager (the youngest in the territory of  Yerevan) . During his work was awarded honorary diplomas of the Mayor of Yerevan and the head of the Erebuni administrative district.
Since September 2019 , works at the National Defense Research University of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia.
Since September 2019  has been teaching at the Department of Management, Business and Tourism .



Scientific interests

  • State and municipal government
  • Organization theory
  • Strategic management

List of publications

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  • Avetyan A. A. “ The main directions of the development strategy of the Republic of Armenia (socio-economic development of the Republic of Armenia) ” // Collection of materials of the international conference “ Level Up -2 ” , Yerevan, 2017, pp. 148-159.
  • Avetyan A. A. “ Labor migration and its consequences in the EAEU ” // Collection of student research papers on migration issues, Yerevan, 2019, pp. 55-80.
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