Mariam Momjyan

Ph.D in Economics, Associate Professor


        Brief information (biography) 

From 20 June 2018 up to now The Public Services Regulatory Commission
Deputy head of Tariff Policy
From 18 June 2018 Member of Regulatory Board Gas Working Group of Energy Community (EU)
From July 2019 up to end of accreditation process Head of Expert group of Accreditation of Armenian State Medical University of Economics created by National Centre for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation of Armenia
From May 2019 up to end of accreditation process Head of Expert group of Accreditation of Erevan State Medical Medical University after Mkh Heratsi created by National Centre for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation of Armenia
11.04.2006-20.06.2018 The Public Services Regulatory Commission
Chief specialist of Tariff Policy Department                     
From September 2013 up
to now
Lecturer at the Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University
From September 2014-2018 Lecturer at the Yerevan State University
Lecturer of subject Economic strategies
From September 2009-2013
Lecturer at the Armenian State University of Economics
Lecturer of disciplines microeconomics, organization of firms activities, investment projects analyzes
May 2004 –April 2006        Ministry of Trade and Economic Development              
First class specialist of Financial-economic and Financial Accounting Department                                      Armenia
April 28-August 18 2003     ArmEconomBank                                                                                                  Accountant-cashier                                              Armenia

July 2012 Scientific title of Docent
July 2008 Degree of Doctor of Economics
2004-2008 Researcher at the Yerevan State Institute of Economics. Research project: ”The problems of adoption of e-commerce systems in enterprises”.
1999-2004 Yerevan State Institute of Economics
Department: General economy
Q Qualification: Economist in the field of Enterprise Management and Economy
    (got diploma with honour)    
Diploma Project:     Tax policy in organizations and problems of its improvement                               Armenia
April 2004       Award the first prize in the 21-th session of Student Scientific Society                                                Armenia
March 2004   Certificate of the winner of competition for scholarship after Isaac Isahakyan, organized by the Central Bank of Armenia
2002-2004 Association of Armenian Accountants and Auditors passed examinations from following subjects and got certificate of Qualified Accountant. 
  • Preparing Financial Statements
  • Financial Information for Management
  • Taxation Law of Armenia


Scientific interests

  • Sustainable development
  • Renewable Energy
  • Tourism

List of publications

  • ''Problems of increasing of efficiency of using of hydropower potential of water resources of RA in concept of Armenian energy security” Messenger of Armenian State University of Economics, 1(45), 2017, (p.54-63)
  • ''Problems of introduction of energy management in RA” 5-rd international conference of young scientists RA named <Current economic problems> proceeds (p.91-97), 2017, Armenia ,YSA UYS, ISSN 1829-4987
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