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The aim of the Program is to prepare highly qualified managers and specialists in the field of constructing and implementing the state economic policy. The Master's program «Political Economics» invites those who are interested in how complicated processes determine the socioeconomic situation in Armenia and the world, who wants to acquire the skills of economic decision-making in the state and private sectors, as well as learn how to professionally evaluate these decisions quantitatively and qualitatively. The program will also provide an opportunity to learn the deep processes of the influence of the current country and world politics on economic decision-making, and vice versa. The mutual influence and interlacement of economics and politics is a complex system process that should learn and know everyone who has decided to be a professional in this field.
Our teaching staff has a large working experience in the academic field, public governance and private sector.
The program involves internship in organizations within your research interests, and gives employment opportunities in international organizations and public administration bodies.
  • full-time – 750 ths. AMD
  • distance (part-time) learning – 500 ths. AMD
Program description:
  • Head of the Program – RAU Rector, Correspondent Member of the RA NAS, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Armen R. Darbinian
  • Language of instruction – Russian.In the frames of the Program 5 courses will be taught in English and 1 course in Armenian
  • Duration of the Program: 2 years
  • Graduates will receive two diplomas (of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia)

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