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Institute of Economics and Business at the RAU attaches great importance to the scientific activites of the departments, the teaching staff and the students.
Institute of Economics and Business at the RAU consists of 4 departments:
which, along with the organization of the educational process, are actively engaged in research activetes.
RAU Institute of Economics and Business pays great attention to the scientific activites in the field of analyzes and  prediction of the course of economic and social reforms, other urgent problems of economics. In the main scientefic directions the economic problems are mainly referred to the analyzes and prediction of the course of the economic and social reforms, as well as to the character of the preparation of specialists.
Within the Institute there are 3 main fields of scientific research projects (both fundamental and applied):
Actual problems of transition economy 
Modernization of the system of state regulation of the financial sector (global and national levels)
Problems of the global economy
Problems of monetary control in the context of financial globalization
Economic informatics and IT
Modern problems of strategic and corporate governance:
  • Competitive strategy
  • Corporate governance
  • Strategy for Socio-Economic Development of RA in modern conditions
Problems of development of public administration:
  • Development of a new mode of public administration based on the development of political institutions
  • Methodological problems of development of the system of regional governance in Armenia
  • Developing the concept of local self-government
Analysis and development of the tourist market
Organizational and technologic problems of service and tourism
Sustainable tourism and competitiveness of destinations
Advertising and Branding of territories
Development of tourist infrastructures
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